My name is Melissa French. I assist authors with web management so they can have more time for writing.

I am a lover of all things fantasy, scifi, and otherwise weird. Sarcasm ahead: proceed with caution.

I am an all-around helper and a natural coach. I am reliable, consistent, easy to work with, great at communicating, trustworthy, and can both understand and anticipate your needs.
My strengths are my concentrated vision, unassuming attitude, independent insights, and nimble mindset.
I have 20 years of freelance web management and administrative experience. I offer clients my expertise in author branding, web design, graphic design, and social media management.

Benefits of using a Virtual Author’s Assistant:

  1. More time for you – time to write, time for your family, time you are not wasting learning everything ever.
  2. More money for you – if you are spending your time learning new skills you aren’t writing. Whether your budget is bootstrap or deluxe, I can maximize my time to deliver the most value for you.
  3. More help for you – whatever your budget, level of experience, or where you are on the myriad paths to publication, I can help move you along.
  4. More support for you – I am truly a helper, through and through. It makes me supremely happy to help others and encourage them to grow. Get another source of support on your team.
  5. Bonus: Get your foot in the door – I am offering introductory rates for services that often run $50/hour. Starting at $25/hour, you can help me build up my portfolio and testimonials, while I help you boost your career.

How I can help you: NetCastles

Virtual Author’s Assistant Services:
Consistent web management
Authentic social media and marketing
Effective author branding and graphic design

Ready to engage your author sidekick?

If you have more questions I am happy to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the scope of your project and what I can do for you.
Don’t have the budget for a VA, but do need some advice on exactly the kinds of things I do? Book an introductory call anyways, just note in the comments that you have $0 to spend. I’m happy to lend a fellow DIY writer a hand.
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